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Shift Manager training at CoreComm SI

2024. 06. 06.

The CoreComm SI shift supervisors were trained by the LeanCenter in Veszprém to improve their team leadership and management skills in addition to their lean methodology and plant management skills. 

The latter focused on skills such as communication, conflict management, empathy and teamwork. Shift managers are not only responsible for production processes and technical implementation, but also for managing a team, for which a high level application of interpersonal skills is essential.

At the same time, learning lean methodology and shopfloor management methods will enable our managers to manage production processes more effectively, optimise the use of resources and minimise process losses. By adopting a lean approach, our processes become more transparent and flexible, which is reflected not only in cost reductions but also in improved product quality.

Overall, we can say that our shift managers equipped with developed soft skills and lean knowledge are able to balance productivity and human factors, which is essential for efficient operations today.

Thank you for the commitment of our colleagues!

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