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The source of infinite energy...

About Us

Our company was established under the name of CORECOMM SOLUTION INC. in the United States of America in 1999 for providing full-scale energy and information services to the European entities of the US ARMY, supporting the SFOR mission. Our tasks included the design, installation and management of the entire energy network of the IFOR and later the SFOR troops in Bosnia (diesel generating sets, uninterruptible power supply, batteries).
In February 2001, upon the decision of the owners of the company, CORECOMM SOLUTION INC. founded CORECOMM SI Kft. In Hungary to be able to offer even better services to its existing and prospective clients.

The dynamic growth of the enterprise is due to its expertise, reliability and flexibility. While in 2001 80% of our income originated from foreign projects, by 2014 we managed to ensure a stable position and growth for our company without any decline in revenue by focusing exclusively on the Hungarian market. We consider it a great achievement that our sales volume has exceeded HUF 1 billion in the past two years.
We took over our newly-built 1,500 m2 'green energy' headquarters in Veszprém in 2015 – the investment totalled at HUF 200 million. We opened our service center with a useful area of nearly 800 m2 in Budapest the same year. Our ever-expanding commercial vehicle and car fleet consists of 15 vehicles and the value of our stocks is around HUF 60-80 million on average, enabling us to carry out repairs or implement new systems with an extremely short deadline.
Our staff has extensive professional knowledge, is conscientious and youngish yet experienced – through regular trainings we ensure that our colleagues get to know and use the most modern technologies in their work for guaranteed success.

We believe...
…that emergency power supply is an independent and responsible profession. Our commitment, professional expertise and business culture guarantee maximum satisfaction for our customers, for we always provide just the ideal system and solution to a given assignment for our partners.

Our history...
The Socomec Group was founded in 1922 and employs 2,000 people at present.
The Group deals with developing, managing and maintaining low-voltage electrical networks.

The two key sectors:

The company is divided into two separate business units: one of them is SOCOMEC SCP, the expert of security solutions and switching equipment, while the other, SOCOMEC UPS is a specialist of uninterruptible power supply. Due to its extensive international presence – including its business centres in 70 countries, 17 of which are operated as subsidiaries – the SOCOMEC Group is a dominant participant of the global market of low-voltage power distribution equipment.

The competitive advantage of the Group having two European headquarters (France and Italy) is ensured by highly competitive production plants (Tunisia) and business centres opened in the major developing markets (India and China).


Our company is managed through a simple and transparent decision-making mechanism. Due to our flexible organizational structure as well as the extensive experience and competence of our experts, the personnel employed at the various facilities can in all cases be adjusted to the requirements of the project. Regarding work organization: we use a matrix system. When we accept an assignment – i.e. a project –, we appoint a project manager or co-ordinator who is directly responsible for the implementation of the work. We have qualified, well-trained experts for the professional management of the project.

Quality assurance - ISO
In order to attest our commitment towards quality, the company introduced a quality assurance system in line with the ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2003. Through annual audits, we renew and improve this certification year by year, ensuring satisfaction of customer requirements with the help of reliable and excellent quality services and maintaining as well as improving conformity and efficiency.

Dolphin Award
Sustainable corporate management is becoming more and more important. Magyar Telekom Group grants the Dolphin Award (Award for a Committed, Sustainable and Innovative Generation) to suppliers showing excellence in the field of sustainability, on the basis of the applications submitted. CoreComm SI Kft. won this award in 2008 in the category of ‘Sustainable Innovation’, in the topic of storing and using kinetic energy. This is about ensuring power supply with the help of kinetic energy in the event of a mains power outage, thus avoiding the environmental and other problems caused by batteries.

Electrosalon Grand Award
Like in the case of the Dolpin Award, our company is extremely proud of the Electrosalon Grand Award won in 2009 with one of our projects. This is the award of the Hungarian and international electronic and electrotechnical trade fair. The topic was about the most modern device of dynamic flywheel energy storage, which is suitable for covering the power supply for a backup time the battery of a UPS would be able to ensure or for lengthening the lifetime of battery-based systems by eliminating the so-called ‘whiplash’ effect.

Socomec Recognition
Our company, as the official distributor and service centre of Socomec UPS in Hungary, is especially recognized by the Corporation for its excellent performance in Hungary and the achievement of its goals year by year.